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Sway Capital Group is an exclusive club of experienced, high-growth investors with over 30 years experience of fund management and are dedicated to delivering exclusive opportunities to a community of investors.


Our mission is to provide the framework in which you can become a successful investor. Our vision is to continue developing an environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

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limited memberships. unlimited opportunities

reach your full potential

We offer our members the chance to join an amazing experience, where you can get the opportunity to increase your funds and achieve your financial objectives.

Framework for Success

We deliver a comprehensive framework for success that is designed to help investors increase their funds in a consistent and sustainable manner.

Backed by Professionals

We have the expertise necessary to help you make the best of your investments. We’re backed by over 30 years of knowledge and proven track record.

Experience Great Returns

Our venture capital funds allow you to increase your earnings in today’s market conditions. Build a diverse portfolio grants opportunity and minimises risks.

A Community of Investors

Become a member of an elite club of high-growth investors, and get access to an exclusive network dedicated to maximising profits.

Effective Strategic Model

Our highly effective and efficient model combines dynamic strategies with innovative technology to maximize performance.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Achieving your financial goals isn't always an easy feat, but with Sway Capital Group you’ll have a partner when it comes to achieving your objectives.